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2 Dark Brown Cowhide on Black Metal Finish 24-29" Adjustable Barstools Accent End Side Table/TV Tray with a Chrome Metal Frame Featuring Your Choice of an Authentic Cowhide Covered Table Top Dark Cappuccino / Espresso Plant Stand Accent Table with the Dallas Cowboys Team Logo
Barstool Barstools Bar Stool Stools Specialty Custom Furniture Chrome Fabric Seat Unique One Of A Kind Special Customized Made Built Pad Retail Store Restaurant Game Room Office Pub Pubstool Counter Kitchen Swivel College 29" 29 inches Man Cave Blue 2 - 24" Genuine Authentic Medium Brown and White Cowhide Rawhide Cowboy Bar Stools New Cowhide Rawhide Black Bull Bar Stools 29" Set of 2 - Hair on the hide.